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                                         2014 - HEADLING SYDNEY BLUES FEST -
                                         2014 - HEADLING ''AIRLIE BEACH MUSIC FESTIVAL..
                                         BLUES ON BROADBEACH -2014
                                         2014 - GYMPIE MUSTER , BIG PINEAPPLE FEST , KIRRA FEST , DIRTY BLUES FEST-TOWRADGI ,
                                         GROLSH BLUES FEST ''GERMANY''- FULL HEADLINING GERMAN/NETHERLANDS TOUR JUNE 2014..
                                         BIO = the '' MASON RACK BAND'' blues/rock.


                                         Recently returning from their sixth Canadian tour , which was sold out again. Festival favourites THE MASON RACK BAND 
                                         have also been added to European touring managers ''Muddy Lives'' they witnessed there set at the Grolsh blues festival in
                                         Germany and signed them to there touring stable ,touring Europe in 2014. No surprise really , as far as
                                         live performance ''MRB'' are entertainment monsters. Their drum duels, onstage antics signature
                                         movements set them apart from everything & everyone else .


                                        QUOTES-'' Saw these guys last night and they were Friggin' Amazing! One of the most amazing Live
                                        experiences I have ever had. These guys drag the Blues Kicking and Screaming into the 21 Century... They
                                        have to be Seen to be Believed!!! (And you can Quote me on That!)
                                        chmr 93.5 FM -TERRY PARSONS-''Blind Lemon Radio''
                                        "Mason Rack is a phenomin waiting to be recognized."-Michael Kryton -''Band status''- ca.
                                         Whitney Magnus -fan -
                                          "Best night of my life last night. You guys changed my life with your music!! Come back to
                                         Lethbridge as soon as possible!!! :)"
                                         MATE! . . . .GREAT TO SEE YOU BOYS AT BRIDGETOWN! ! ! ! . . . .PURE
                                         ENTERTAINMENT!!....HOPE TO SEE YOU BACK NEXT YEAR AS THE HEADLINE
                                         ACT ...I'M A LOCAL AND THE TOWN IS ABUZZ WITH 'MASON RACK WAS THE BEST
                                        THING HERE BY A MILE!!'
                                        CHEERS-Brian bridge town blues fest.2011.

                                       Interview- Dereck -akaroyfilms.
                                      I don’t think that there would be a person on the planet that could possibly walk away from a Mason
                                      Rack band show disappointed. If there is, I’d suggest they used fewer drugs. This band made up of
                                      Mason Rack on Vocals, guitar & lap slide, Jamie Roberts - on bass, and Joel''thunder foot '' Purkess- on
                                      drums, has toured the world, and treated thousands and thousands of blues music fans with their
                                      almost sexual experience.

                                      The first time I ever experienced Mason Rack, was a number of years ago at the Caxton Seafood festival
                                      in Brisbane. I heard the sound of metal rolling on the road, and to the amazement of everyone around,
                                      Mason Rack was rolling a beer keg down the street through the crowds towards the stage. The voice on
                                      this man is reminiscent of cutting donuts on a gravel patch, with the most powerful amount of soul you
                                      could ever put into a voice box. He is a charismatic performer, someone who completely draws you in,
                                      and when he’s done, makes you want for more.

                                     The performance at Bluesfest was nothing short of spectacular. There crowd on this perfect Easter
                                     Sunday Morning were completely ready for something amazing…and then it happened. Mason Rack
                                     band in full swing, the crowd in the tent some 3000 strong, very quickly turned into an overflowing
                                     8000-10000 easy. The band covered many of the signature moves that make Mason Rack Band one of
                                     the best to see. The multi-talented musicians interchange half way through the set. There isn’t many
                                     bands that can do this and pull it off so well. Mason heads to the drums, and smashes out like a pro.
                                    Joel Purkess moves from drum kit to the bass guitar and doesn’t miss a note. Jamie jumps on guitar
                                     and vocals, like it was always that way.

                                      Solos were everywhere, Jamie Roberts pumping out a bass solo that could wake Cliff Burton …behind
                                      his head… ''thunder'' played a drum solo that lifted the roof, and Mason treated his cream coloured
                                      Vintage to the thrashing it lives for. The set was finished with the “family” ending. All three band
                                      members drumming in unison on beer kegs, tossing the drumsticks with precision timing between
                                      themselves like jugglers with chainsaws. The crowd goes nuts for this, and Mason Rack goes down as
                                      one of my highlights of Bluesfest 2012. Right up there with Jonny Lang, John Fogerty, and John Butler
                                      Trio…Mason Rack Band…If you ever see they are performing near you, and don’t go…punch yourself in
                                       the face for me.

                                       MASON RACK- SLIDE GUITAR - LEAD VOCALS .
                                       JOEL PURKESS- PERCUSSION - VOCALS .
                                       JAMIE ROBERTS - BASSIST - VOCALS .

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