Shaun Kirk. ***click for video***

Daniel Champagne **click for video***


Sam West












Matt Southen,

artists that appear at bucca hotel

Mason Rack Band playing Sun Nov 3 RD @ 12-30 PM.Cleveland Blues. Playing Sun Nov 10TH @ 1 PM. ***click here for video***

Mark and Adam. ***click for video***




Jay Hoad. ***click for video***

The Mojo Bluesmen.

Shaun Kirk.







Claude Hay.

Dave Cooke.





Brian Fraser.8 Ball Aitken.

Phil Edgeley playing Sun Oct 20 TH @ 1 PM.


David Knight.









Blake Saban  ***click for video***



***click on image for video***

 Blake Saban3. Playing Sun May 26 TH @ 1 PM..***click here for video***

Fat Albert.






The Fat Pigs.




Moondog Gypsy Blues Band.

Jam Session at Bucca 24/11/13






























Hatz Fitz.











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    Bo Jenkins.





Bluesville Station.






























































































bucca hotel
















































































































































































































































































































































































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